Two things on Christmas…

25 December 2004

Last night, I went to my parent’s church (I can call it that without qualms now…that MUST indicate growth πŸ˜‰ ) and I got so mad. First of all, what I heard over and over was, “Jesus was born on Christmas, but look! then he DIED!! Look, he DIED!!! For you!!! Sure, he was born, but he DIED!!” Ok, so Jesus’s birth wouldn’t mean anything if he hadn’t died, but, as Christians, we have a WHOLE, entire holiday just for that. It’s called Easter. And, if you celebrate it “properly,” you have 40 whole days in which you can say as much about his death as you want.

I guess Christ’s coming has meant a lot to me this year. Look, he CAME. He was here; he was among us. He came, as helpless and needy and wanting as the babies I’ve seen recently. And he was God. And he did it by choice (No, Molly, being stung by bees never really was an option). Now, that’s cool. I feel like I could think about that forever and ever and ever. I mean, he chose to be here, rather than in heaven, which we all, as good evangelicals, know is infinitely better than earth. And I believe that. But he CHOSE to be here, to be with us.

Ok, so I’m rambling. And I’m rambling because I don’t have any real solid thoughts on the topic besides “Wow” (which, as a general reaction to the whole thing, doesn’t seem entirely out of line). And I could have more thoughts on it if the sermon last night had been about Christmas, about Christ’s-mass, about his coming to be among us, and not about 7 reasons why we should celebrate Jesus (among which were things like “Because more has been written about him than about any other man in the history of the world,” which sounds a lot like “Because many other people do,” which is some kind of logical fallacy…fab, preacher, let’s CON them in to becoming Christians). I wanted teaching. I was hungry for it. And I got…well, it’s Christmas, so I won’t say what I got…mercy, and all that.

My second thought about Christmas, besides “Jesus’s coming is cool enough to get it’s own holiday,” is I don’t know how to make that a real link, but I’m all about what they’re doing. I don’t have one yet, only because the Web buying site is down. But if you’ll wear a Lance Armstrong LiveStrong bracelet, the least you can do is wear one for a fallen service man, whether you think he should have been there or not.

My second second thought is “I love you, Renee.” Pray for Renee and her family, especially today. It’s their first Christmas without Gabe, and they’re on my heart.


3 Responses to “Two things on Christmas…”

  1. Joi Says:

    Amen, sister!

    I felt the same way at my parents’ church. They spent some time on His coming, then moved on to the Passion. I wanted to stand up and shout, “Advent is about BOTH comings! The first AND the second!”

    *sigh* We’ve been spoiled, I fear.

  2. Aegialia Says:

    Hmmm…your “why Evangelicals are obnoxious about Christmas” insight is more…insightful, I guess…than mine πŸ˜‰ Two comings…ah, yes. I think I could even have heard that and smiled.

  3. Matt Says:

    St. Athanasius of Alexandria wrote a little book called “The Incarnation” that is the remedy for that sermon you heard at your parent’s church.

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