I feel like crap

28 April 2006

Well, maybe not that bad. But I’m interested in knowing if there’s some weird bug going around that causes a fairly bad sore throat, but not many other symptoms beyond general tiredness. Because that’s what I have.

So let me know if you know.

Oh, and I have already summarily rejected the suggestion of “mumps” on the grounds that I simply refust to have mumps.


Dear readers, your lines are in italics.

Something really funny just happened…

So, tell me about it.

…but I can’t tell you about it.

Why not?

Because I have learned, through trial and error, unfortunately, that posting about things like the really funny thing that just happened on my blog causes problems.

But I won’t tell anyone. Pleeeeeeeeeease tell me about it.

I can’t. I really and truly can’t. I would love to. I would dearly love to. And I would do voices, and speak with inflection, and use gestures and do everything that would help you fully appreciate the humor of the whole situation. But it involves people I don’t want to hurt. And…well, beyond that, it’s probably wrong.

But you do lots of wrong things.

Well, yes, but A) we don’t talk about that much, if at all possible, and B) I generally at least attempt not to do said wrong things when I realise, before I do them, that they are, in fact, wrong. As much as I wish that I had not realised this, in this situation, before I blogged it, I DID realise it, and now I must abide by that.

Well, fine then. Be all holy and crap.*

I’m not being holy. Just…holier than I wish I could be. And I’m not quite sure that’s holiness.

Yeah, you’re gonna burn in hell* for this one.

Hell? Whatever. I’m suffering already. Yeah, I’ll have you know that I’m suffering more in all of this than you are. This story burns inside of me. It longs to be told. And yet I shut my mouth and do not let the words out.

**Bites tongue, thus ending the conversation by virtue of the fact that masticating one’s own tongue often renders one incapable of conversing**

*I’m sorry, dear readers, if you are offended about the words I have put in your mouth. Please substitute words you deem more appropriate and know that I did not put in all the words I found most appropriate to this particular situation.

Still here

26 April 2006

In a couple of conversations over the last several days, I realized that I have left the blogosphere hanging on several important points. Never fear, blogosphere!!

1. My back is better. Not all better. I still need a chiropractor. But better enough that it doesn’t hurt as long as I’m nice to it.

2. I took the job. And I started the job. And I like the job, thus far…though the orientation was a bit over the top. But it IS Biola. The job is probably the biggest reason why I haven’t been blogging. I had a really funny dream about the job the night before I started it…involving small arms dealing, Biola, and Korean students…bizarre. But funny.

3. This week is crazy. And I think the next few are. In fact, this month is crazy. So if I don’t post, I’m not dead. Or mortally wounded. Or even wounded at all, for that matter. Just busy.

4. I’m attempting to re-configure my sleep schedule yet again. Which means that I’m tired at weird times and awake at weird times.

5. I love you all. Very much. And I’m glad you keep coming back here.

1. Do not read the directions. You don’t need them. Besides, this machine is so old that they don’t even have the directions on the Internet anymore. Isn’t it obvious? The coffee goes there…the water goes there…that must be the little knob for regulating the steam flow…

2. Do not measure your water when you put it in. Just fill it up to the top. Some of the water gets used as steam anyway, so measuring is useless. The espresso machine will not overflow. You will not have coffee all over your chair, floor, counter, and sink.

3. Do not measure the coffee you put into the espresso machine. It’s espresso…it’s supposed to be really strong. Besides, you’re not using espresso beans anyway, and your grinder doesn’t have a special espresso setting, so just fill ‘er up and press “on”.

4. Do not release the steam into the milk you’re going to froth until the espresso machine looks like it’s about to blow up. It’s not like you care if this old thing blows up. That might actually be kind-of fun. Besides, how are you to know that the steam is ready to release until it’s pouring out of every possible opening in the machine?

5. Do not refuse the phone call that comes in the middle of your espresso making. It’s a coffeepot…how hard can it be? Doesn’t it pretty much do the whole thing by itself? You do not need to watch it. You don’t even need to pay attention to it. In 5 minutes, it will have produced a yummy, steaming hot beverage all by itself.

In spite of having followed all of the above directions, I’ll have you all know that my latte turned out fabulous. Not sure it was worth the clean-up, but it was fabulous nonetheless.


21 April 2006

Ok, I feel kind-of silly about this, but would you all pray for me?

I’m not sure how much background to put on here, because I’m not sure how much people know. The short version is, I hurt my lower back pretty badly when I was a sophomore at Biola. Most of the time, it’s really fine, not bothering me, etc. When it does bother me, I can normally take Advil, go to bed, and it will be fine the next morning. For the last couple of days, though, it has just been hurting. Advil helps…for about 2 hours. It’s not excruciating, but it does hurt.

I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been to…four, I think…chiropractors over the years for this. I know what’s wrong with my back. I also know that, while they can help it for a little while, no one has successfully helped it long-term. Advil upsets my stomach some, so I can’t take that long-term, either.

Mostly, I’m hoping it goes away by itself. But it actually seems to not be doing that. So I’m wondering if I need to try yet another doctor, or if there’s something else I should be doing. And I would like it to stop hurting.

Thanks, y’all.

Stop the world!!

20 April 2006

I forgot to watch Alias last night. *gasp* Really and truly forgot. I’ve forgotten all sorts of things in the last couple of months that I never thought I’d forget.


I must have gone out and gotten myself a life, somewhere along the line. You know, one that I actually want to live. As opposed to living vicariously through the television.

Oh, and apparently, Irina’s back and Vaughn’s not dead. Anybody surprised?

Come on, people…this is Alias we’re talking about. You know, where no one is ever really dead.

I can’t help but wonder what that says about how the producers, writers, directors, etc., view death. I wish there was some way to mess with them, to really kill off one of their characters and, you know, see what happens. Or to just make them think that one of their characters was dead, like they’ve done to us times beyond measure. Just because I’m curious.

I must be tired. Or bored. Or horridly sick of working on all the stuff I’ve been trying to get done this week. I promise you, I’m not usually quite this willing to mess with people just because I think it would be interesting. Though it would be interesting.

Though the fact that Irina’s back just might make it worth watching. You know, for the less-than-10 episodes left of the things. Because…whatever her name is…is really a superb actress.

But I will go to the Huntington on Saturday, and all will be right with the world.

…you can get sunburned in the less-than-30-minutes it takes you to walk to and from school. Good to know.