…make dahl.


Follow the recipe exactly until you get to the cayenne pepper.  Try to add it as normal, then realise the pepper is stuck to the sides of its container.  Turn container upside down over food and smack.  Watch gobs of pepper fall into food.  Wonder idly if that is more or less than you intended to add.  Figure that it doesn’t matter because you’re making a double batch anyway.  Continue to cook dahl.  When dahl is done, eat it rapidly with only a little rice because rice is not something you enjoy.  Realise about half-way through your bowl that, probably, you added more pepper than you meant to.  Continue to eat because you are hungry.  Eat until your sinuses drain and your nose runs.  About that time, you will develop a bad sore throat as well.


Thus, I invented sundries.

1. Every time I work out after work, I have trouble falling asleep. Why? Not because of the endorphins, oh no. It’s because my legs want to move. I feel like there’s tension in them, or like something’s pulling, no matter how much stretching I do, and I just want to move. I usually have to take Advil to go to sleep (it knocks me out). Someone suggested I ingest some quinine (poison, anyone?), which is apparently a muscle relaxant. The catch? You have to have a prescription to get it in pill form, and the beverages that contain it almost make me gag. The answer? Drink fast. And hope this whatever-it-is goes away soon.

2. Mini skirts are apparently acceptable Biola attire, when accompanied by leggings. Leggings! And tube tops are ok, even when worn inappropriately, if accompanied by knee-length shorts. Go fugure.

3. If anyone knows why one of my really old posts is attracting spam comments that I have to delete, please let me know. Is there a bug? A fix? An easy one?

4. Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother.

5. I’ve been looking for a funny link to post. I can’t find one. That’s funny.

6. Free coffee?


25 August 2006

Seamstresses?  Do I hear any seamstresses out there?  Anyone who knows or would recommend a good seamstress?

Seriously, I need a seamstress to do some work (probably mainly hemming) on my wedding dress when it comes in, and probably on some of the bridesmaids’ dresses, when they come in.  The catch?  They probably won’t come in until early December.  My wedding is in early January.

Any ideas?

…where all you get are links. But this is hilarious.


24 August 2006

She’s still really sick.  Hospitalized with pneumonia, dehydration, possibly more.  Please pray.

…but this is a really cool idea. I signed up. Will you?

…or something like that.

Though…that much dark chocolate…wow. Might be tempting. On some other planet where nourishment seeps in through the pores.