It’s Ba-ack!

30 November 2006

Well, I decided today that I’ve officially lost the several-week battle against my stuffy sinuses, so it’s back to the Dr. for me this afternoon. Thank you, Jesus, for sick time. Particularly for me, since I seem to take it more than anyone else I know, right now.

I do realize that a narration of my illnesses is not what keeps you all coming back to this blog, so thanks for staying around, praying, and I hope to post some more interesting things soon.


Keys, cles, llaves, chiaves

29 November 2006

Tonight, Dave and I get the keys to our new apartment.  Not that we’ll be able to see much of it, since the electricity isn’t on and the sun sets about 5pm, even in LA.  The landlady was so concerned about this (the sun setting and us not being able to see our new home) that she called me last night, about 8pm, to give me the number for Southern California Edison so we could have lights tonight.  Alas, I did not call.  But I did bring my flashlight to work with me today.  Huzzah for MagLite!  Now, we will be able to admire the handiwork that is her scrubbing and the new paint and cleaned carpets to her heart’s content.

*Sigh*  I think our landlady is going to be very helpful.  Quite possibly in the “Get-out-of-my-hair-before-I-pull-you-out-and-don’t-care-how-much-hair-you-take-with-you” sort of way.  Well-meaning?  Yes.  Actually has some good things to say?  Yes.  Someone I want running my life because, clearly, any girl whose mother is not within 500 miles needs someone to look after her?  Not so much.  Really, I just hope I don’t have to resort to being rude.

But, anyway, we finally have a place.  Dave won’t actually move in until December 9th (and if anyone feels a deep need to help us move, now would be the time to speak up loud and clear), but we have one.  Or, well, we will in about an hour.  Dratted work, interfering with my desire to have keys.  But I won’t complain, as without the job there would be no chance of the keys.


28 November 2006

Just wow.


27 November 2006

I can’t decide if I should couch this as “The Strangest Prayer Request You’ll See Today!” or “Wow, I’m Strange,” or “Guess What Happened Today That Was Funny!” (except that I almost cried when it happened, which seems to counter the “funny” one).  So you get to decide.  Lucky, lucky you.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had the tendency to transpose digits in numbers when I try to transfer the number from one place, into my head, and out to another place.  Think “chalkboard-head-paper” or “email-head-spreadsheet.”  Most of the time, I’m fine, but every so often, I put the numbers in the wrong order.  Even more occasionally, I switch out digits entirely, usually with one number up or down from the right one, sometimes with numbers that look or sound the same.  It has something to do with translating 1179 to “one-one-seven-nine” to remember it.  I’m somewhat more likely than most to transfer “one-seven-one-nine” instead, particularly if it has the same rhythm as the original, or the words rhyme.
Generally, this hasn’t been much of  problem.  I think I got so used to compensating in grade school that it didn’t matter, and besides, we didn’t have to transfer them much, and once I was doing a math problem I was ok.  In real life, it doesn’t show up much.  Sometimes when I’m reading out loud and I come to a year and it takes an extra couple of seconds for me to be able to say the right number it’s annoying, but, seriously, how often does that happen.  It’s also exacerbated by stress–the more stressed I am, and the more frustrated I get with the problem the more likely I am to do it.

Anyway, fastforward to, oh, now.  You know, wedding planning, with all its stress.  Wedding planning…where writing down an address correctly makes a difference.  As does reading the ad for the apartment you’ve rented, particularly when it comes to the price per month.  Right.  I’ll just let you imagine the exciting things that have been happening in my life.

Ok, I’ll give you a couple of hints…wedding invites sent to the wrong houses and me thinking our rent is $100 less than it is for almost a month.

I don’t know if this is minor numerical dyslexia or some sort of odd stress reaction.  I do know that, lately, it has been very, very annoying.

Of course, I’m not sure how much I actually get to think anymore, so that’s not surprising.

I sort of show up here on occasion, give a little factual snippet of my life, and move on again.

So some sundries for you:

1.  I didn’t get sick.  Well, I got stuffy, but not sick.  I think I drowned it before it could get very far.  I didn’t do this (scroll down to the bottom…the message all in caps lock, and read about how to get rid of a cold with a hairdryer…scary).  Thanks to everyone who prayed and asked me about it.
2.  Dave and I have spent an appalling amount of money this week.  Not irresponsibly.  But between the deposit for the apartment, purchasing end tables, two couches, and a new-but-drastically-discounted fridge, and paying for almost all of our honeymoon, we spent quite a chunk of change.  It’s a little scary, sometimes, how fast it can all go.

3.  If it weren’t for Adam, I wouldn’t have a wedding bulletin.  Thank you, Adam, for making it all work.

4.  Speaking of Adam, I love the lemmings.

5.  Next week I work two-and-a-half days and get paid for five.  I couldn’t be happier.

6.  Well, no, I could.  If the vacation weren’t for Thanksgiving, I’d be happier.  I don’t really like Thanksgiving.  I know I’m supposed to, but I don’t.  I hate those awkward moments when someone turns to me and says, “So, what are YOU thankful for this year?”  It’s not that I don’t have something to say, but it really annoys me when the culture that says “Gimme, gimme, gimme!” the rest of the year suddenly pretends to be all thankful and holy.  I’d rather not have the holiday and cultivate thankfulness as a national value.  Also, I don’t much like turkey.

7.  I’m not sure I have more to say.  No, I’m sure I have more to say, I’m just too tired and…well, brain-dead to think of it right now.


13 November 2006

Hi.  I know that some of these updates on my life are a little goofy.  But would you pray for me?  I’m sick again.  I think I’ve successfully caught every, single cold I’ve been exposed to this year, and some that I haven’t been exposed to.  And I know they’re mostly just colds but, really, I’m sick of it.


We got one!!!

11 November 2006

So, Dave and I went to look at apartments this morning and ended up putting down a deposit on one.  We had an appointment at 10:30, and we were pretty sure we didn’t want to rent this one, because Dave found some that sounded really nice a couple of days ago, but since we already had the appointment, we guessed we’d go and look.

I got a generally good feeling about the place.  It was clean, well-kept, all of that.  Nothing special, except that it had some of the little things–plants, a clean pool even though it’s November, things like that.  And it was blessedly quiet inside the complex.  The apartment itself was a two-bedroom, one-bath place.  It has older carpet and cabinets, etc.  But the space is laid out well, and there’s a lot of it for the price.  It also has a lot of storage space, given some of the apartments I’ve lived in.  Parking is in a shared garage, with some extra storage there as well.

I actually came away pleasantly surprised, and so we walked away with applications.  We visited the other place, the one Dave had found.  And it should have been where I wanted to live.  The apartment we were probably looking at was a one-bedroom, but it had Pergo floors and new carpet and a little outdoor patio.  Except I didn’t want to live there.  It didn’t fee like home.  We took applications because we were confused.  On my way out, my phone rang, and it was the lady from the first place.  The guy from the management company was there, picking up another application for the place.  I talked to her, and to him, and agreed to drive back to drop off our applications.

We debated in the car about what to do, and decided to see what happened with this application before doing anything else.  What we didn’t realize was that the manager-guy was going to call in for a credit check while we waited.  So he asked us to wait, and came back and offered us the apartment.  We put down a deposit and we have a place.


And I think it took us less than an hour and a half.