27 November 2006

I can’t decide if I should couch this as “The Strangest Prayer Request You’ll See Today!” or “Wow, I’m Strange,” or “Guess What Happened Today That Was Funny!” (except that I almost cried when it happened, which seems to counter the “funny” one).  So you get to decide.  Lucky, lucky you.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had the tendency to transpose digits in numbers when I try to transfer the number from one place, into my head, and out to another place.  Think “chalkboard-head-paper” or “email-head-spreadsheet.”  Most of the time, I’m fine, but every so often, I put the numbers in the wrong order.  Even more occasionally, I switch out digits entirely, usually with one number up or down from the right one, sometimes with numbers that look or sound the same.  It has something to do with translating 1179 to “one-one-seven-nine” to remember it.  I’m somewhat more likely than most to transfer “one-seven-one-nine” instead, particularly if it has the same rhythm as the original, or the words rhyme.
Generally, this hasn’t been much of  problem.  I think I got so used to compensating in grade school that it didn’t matter, and besides, we didn’t have to transfer them much, and once I was doing a math problem I was ok.  In real life, it doesn’t show up much.  Sometimes when I’m reading out loud and I come to a year and it takes an extra couple of seconds for me to be able to say the right number it’s annoying, but, seriously, how often does that happen.  It’s also exacerbated by stress–the more stressed I am, and the more frustrated I get with the problem the more likely I am to do it.

Anyway, fastforward to, oh, now.  You know, wedding planning, with all its stress.  Wedding planning…where writing down an address correctly makes a difference.  As does reading the ad for the apartment you’ve rented, particularly when it comes to the price per month.  Right.  I’ll just let you imagine the exciting things that have been happening in my life.

Ok, I’ll give you a couple of hints…wedding invites sent to the wrong houses and me thinking our rent is $100 less than it is for almost a month.

I don’t know if this is minor numerical dyslexia or some sort of odd stress reaction.  I do know that, lately, it has been very, very annoying.


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