1.  Wooden candle holders?  Not such a good idea.

2.  Our bathroom and our bedroom are on the same electrical circuit.  Thus, we cannot run the new heaters Dave let me spend some of our wedding gift cards on at the same time.

3.  Related to 2…the fuse box is on the hall, on the left as you’re exiting the bedroom, about shoulder height.

4.  It’s so much nicer getting ready in the relative warmth!



20 September 2006

I dreamed a lot for a while.  Then, they seemed to go away.  Now, I think they’re back.

Last night:

1) Dave and I were so tired after our wedding that we decided not to go to our reception.  After all, it’s for others to see us, not for us to see them.  I didn’t realize until later that people would be upset about that.  And that I would like to have been there.

2) I dreamed about almost falling off something high for at least 15 minutes.  Long story, but I finally woke up because I was sick of almost falling.

Night before last:

1) A Charlie’s Angels dream.  The old Charlie’s Angels.  I was sort-of Sabrina.  They were in some sort of bad spot.  I woke up before they could get out of it, but I wasn’t too worried about them.  Had a good sort of feeling to it.

Night before that:

1) Too awful to recount.

AKA, Top Reasons Why Blog Fame and Fortune is Beyond Me, or Top Reasons Why I Will Only Ever Delude Myself Into Thinking Blog Fame is in My Future, or…oh, wait…this is a list of reasons not a list of titles

1. I write about all different sorts of topics, and in all different sorts of tones. One minute, I’m being introspective, the next I’m making fun of something, the next I’m venting, and the next I’m asking for prayer. I want my blog to reflect me, not fit some niche.

2. In a manner somewhat akin to that of a certain proverbial stylistically-challenged, ringlet- endowed child, when I write well, I write very, very well, but when I write badly, I suck.

3. I don’t blog consistently. Several times a day one week dwindles to never for several, and then rises again to a steady once a day.

4. I tend to blog about God. Some people just don’t want to hear it. Others want to pick fights.

5. I’m brutally honest in my blog. I don’t blog everything I think, and I’m pretty careful about including names, places, etc., but I think some people are uncomfortable with some of the feelings I express. Too close to home?

6. I really can’t decide which blog platform I like the best. Right now, I think I’m sticking with WordPress (or at least, I’m trying to make myself do it), but Blogger’s updates are trying to lure me back in. I won’t look into the light…I won’t look into the light…

Thanks, Darren, for providing motivation for yet another cheeky post.


10 August 2006

Titles That Got Through WebSense:

1. big componentry

Is “componentry” even a word? And is it necessarily a good thing (and therefore a thing to advertise) that your componentry is big? And do I even want to know what this email is advertising?

2. intermission ballistics

What is this? What the actors throw at the audience during the downtime in the middle of the play if they don’t clap on cue?

3. new yo

Is this how I remake my self when I get sick of the false self I’ve created, except this time I become half Castillian?  Or is it a toy like  yo-yo that only goes down?

-More later. I’m positive there will be more later.