An open letter to someone who will remain nameless.

Dear Someone,

Some days, I don’t care what your perspective on the situation is. Some days, I don’t care if you choose to inform me, in that sweet, condescending manner of yours, how to do my job. Some days, I don’t care if you heard something different than what I’ve told you from someone else in my department and you choose to think that I’m incompetent because what I told you isn’t as good for you as what they told you.

Some days, I don’t care if you’re annoyed, pissed off, or frustrated. Some days, I’d like to make all of those things worse.

Some days, I don’t care if this uncaring betrays places of immaturity, cynicism, stress, and tiredness in myself. Some days, I don’t care that, if you bothered to pay attention, you could know these sorts of intimate things about me just by watching how I respond to your emails and talk to you on the phone. Some days, I don’t mind laying my crap all over you and anyone else who treats me like I’m incompetent or stupid.

Some days I really wish you would just go away, or come over here where I could chew you out all nice and polite-like.

Today? Today is one of those days.

Ever so sincerely,