1.  Wooden candle holders?  Not such a good idea.

2.  Our bathroom and our bedroom are on the same electrical circuit.  Thus, we cannot run the new heaters Dave let me spend some of our wedding gift cards on at the same time.

3.  Related to 2…the fuse box is on the hall, on the left as you’re exiting the bedroom, about shoulder height.

4.  It’s so much nicer getting ready in the relative warmth!


Life After Christmas

27 December 2006

So, I got to Denver ok. So did Dave. And today, we got back.

Christmas was good. I’m not sure what else to say…it’s hard when it’s sort-of an afterthought to the wedding planning.

Some sundries:

1. Men are like bears–if you feed them, they fall asleep. The more you feed them, the longer they sleep. Ok, so not really. But it’s sort-of true, I promise.

2. They’re getting more snow in Denver tomorrow. As in, up to 30 inches on top of the 18-36 they got last week. Right. I’m glad I came home today.

3. I never would have known it without the wind tonight, but my mailbox is musical. Sounds kind of like an untuned cello playing a piece written by a contemporary composer. In other words, it sounds vaguely like the groaning of dying seals.

4. A great code would be to shift your hands one direction on the keyboard and type as normal. Kujw rgua, U Kicw /scw. Well, maybe anyway.

5. I think I need more sleep. Seriously.

Of course, I’m not sure how much I actually get to think anymore, so that’s not surprising.

I sort of show up here on occasion, give a little factual snippet of my life, and move on again.

So some sundries for you:

1.  I didn’t get sick.  Well, I got stuffy, but not sick.  I think I drowned it before it could get very far.  I didn’t do this (scroll down to the bottom…the message all in caps lock, and read about how to get rid of a cold with a hairdryer…scary).  Thanks to everyone who prayed and asked me about it.
2.  Dave and I have spent an appalling amount of money this week.  Not irresponsibly.  But between the deposit for the apartment, purchasing end tables, two couches, and a new-but-drastically-discounted fridge, and paying for almost all of our honeymoon, we spent quite a chunk of change.  It’s a little scary, sometimes, how fast it can all go.

3.  If it weren’t for Adam, I wouldn’t have a wedding bulletin.  Thank you, Adam, for making it all work.

4.  Speaking of Adam, I love the lemmings.

5.  Next week I work two-and-a-half days and get paid for five.  I couldn’t be happier.

6.  Well, no, I could.  If the vacation weren’t for Thanksgiving, I’d be happier.  I don’t really like Thanksgiving.  I know I’m supposed to, but I don’t.  I hate those awkward moments when someone turns to me and says, “So, what are YOU thankful for this year?”  It’s not that I don’t have something to say, but it really annoys me when the culture that says “Gimme, gimme, gimme!” the rest of the year suddenly pretends to be all thankful and holy.  I’d rather not have the holiday and cultivate thankfulness as a national value.  Also, I don’t much like turkey.

7.  I’m not sure I have more to say.  No, I’m sure I have more to say, I’m just too tired and…well, brain-dead to think of it right now.


26 October 2006

Ok, so I know that, in order to have a blog that actually has readers, I need to post. More. Or at least, more than that none that I’ve been posting. But all I have time for are these lists.

1. Dave gave me “our” engagement ring. It’s beautiful, exquisite, all of those words. I really love it. I could stare at it all day. I don’t.

2. I think Dave had a good birthday on Wednesday. That’s when he gave me the ring. I told him that he was not supposed to give me presents on his birthday but he did anyway. Overall, I think I’m glad.

3. I haven’t had a free evening yet this week, and I won’t get one. Until next Tuesday. Truly, I don’t try to schedule myself like that. It just happens. Right now, it happens a lot. I say “No” to so many things and still end up with a schedule like this.

4. To piggyback shamelessly on 3, I am so ready for this wedding to be over with. Just done. I enjoy planning it, but it would be so much easier under other circumstances.

5. I’ve been waking up in the night worried that Dave and I won’t find a place to live that will let me keep my turtle. You know, a place with a little patio or something. I’m actually willing to give him away at this point (though it would be hard), but not to just anyone. So if you know someone who keeps turtles and wants another, please let me know. Ditto if you know somewhere we could live that would let me have him.

6. My allergies are crazy right now. Just crazy. My head just hurts most days. Medicine helps some. I’m just hoping that they will go away before I get another sinus infection.

7. I’m flying home for a shower this weekend. I’m really excited–I haven’t been to Colorado in almost 2 years, and I love it there. But I won’t get much sleep. It will be the third time I’ve seen my mom this month, which just doesn’t happen any more.

8. Speaking of my mom, thank God for her. She’s doing so much to help out with the wedding stuff. If she wasn’t, I wouldn’t be, so it might just not get done.

9. I’m sick of being in-between. I want to be married.

10. Culture clashes can be funny. Particularly when your Korean roommate hands one of your other roommates an intermittently-beeping, I-am-out-of-batteries, smoke alarm after being told that she can just take the battery out and says, “Yes, but what IS it?”

11.  I actually have been writing a lot lately.  But it’s all stuff about being engaged.  I may eventually want to turn it into a book, though I’m so totally not there yet.  Right now, it’s just for me.  And maybe for Dave if he ever wants to read it.  And, honestly, I’d probably share it privately if people wanted to read it, though it’s mostly a jumbled mess of reflections right now.  But it doesn’t seem like it’s the kind of stuff I want to just put on the internet and let anyone read.  Yes, I know I’m private about stuff like this.  Though keeping some of this off my blog seems to honor it’s sacredness, not keep it away from the scary people.

I think…I’m still here

16 October 2006

Wow. It’s been 10 days since I posted anything real. 10 long days. But I’m more-or-less back in commission (can you be in commission? I know you can be out of commission. And am I spelling “commission” right? One “m” or two?).

Sundries, some in order to answer some of the most common questions I get.

1) Wedding planning is going well. I think things are really coming together. Mom was out this weeked and Stephanie said we did 2 weeks of wedding planning in 2 days, which it definitely felt like. I got to the point on Saturday where I couldn’t make any more decisions–“No, I don’t CARE how formally we address the invitations…will anyone else care?” So if your invitation is not addressed as formally as you would like, I am not rude, nor born in a barn. I just got sick of making decisions.

2) My dress is not here yet, but it is not supposed to ship until late November so I’m actually not so worried about that yet.

3) If anyone has a cunning way to store people for two days that doesn’t cost much, please let me know. Otherwise, my people will be stored the usual way (in hotels) for the usual cost (way too much).

4) While I’m excited about getting married, my whole life is not my wedding. Really, I don’t mind being asked about it, but I do mind feeling like that’s the only significant thing going on in my life. My grandmother just died, for goodness’ sake. And I just got over being sick. And I still do karate.

5) If anyone knows anything about starting an online business, let me know. Dave and I have several ideas but don’t have much of the know-how that has to go behind it. We’d love serious input/brianstorming/etc.

6) I know that many people talk about how antibiotics are overused and overprescribed, but I still think they’re a gift from God, for the simple reason that I would be dead if they didn’t exist. This last week was a prime example; by now I would probably have bronchitis, which would move into pneumonia, which would kill me. But it wouldn’t have happened now, because I would have died as a child. So thank you, Jesus, for modern medicine. Because I want to live to get married.

7) On the other hand and contrary to my own opinion, I do seem to be capable of determining how sick I am and what sort of intervention I need. I successfully realized when I needed medicine and what kind I needed. That’s a step for me.

8) I think I’m expending too much energy tracking down invitation addresses. The other night I dreampt about address lines in Excel that wouldn’t fill in.

I think that’s about it.  Let me know if there’s anything I forgot 😉


25 September 2006

You too should be relieved to know that the giant jumping rats of Madagascar are making such a comeback that they may no longer be heading for extinction.

In other news, the ROUS is now no longer believed to be a figment of S. Morgenstern’s imagination.

Lest you think I jest… 

23 September 2006

1. When the rain runs down my face
(washing off: the day I have put on
and the day that was put on me),
I remember the day your Touch came,
(un)gluing me from the inside.

2. When I walk on water
(in the twilight–my own witching hour)
I wonder who taught the trees
the wisdoms they whisper to themselves.

3. The ox-man’s strength is not in his arms,
nor in the way he moves on the ground;
It is in his eyes,
in the way he looks through his enemy’s heart.